From time-to-time we have people contact us for references on who we have trained. Unfortunately, due to Operational Security we do not disclose our clients to anyone for ANY reason. The reason for that is because if anyone finds out who we have trained and how we have trained them to respond, then we have defeated the purpose of training those teams. Anyone who knows your plan of action can prepare counter measures, and that is not conducive to mission success for your team. Our goal is to train your team and provide you with methods of successfully protecting your flock. One way that we do this is by keeping your information (and others) totally private. It is for this very reason that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. Innovative Tactical Concepts is confident enough in our training to be able to offer this guarantee. No other trainer will train you as well as we will.

While our society has programmed us to ask for referrals and if someone doesn’t, that we shouldn’t do business with them. We can most certainly appreciate that viewpoint for some things, but for what we are talking about, it is not realistic, nor should anyone expect us to provide references when we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. No other trainer provides the practical hands-on skills that we offer, and we stand behind our training through our money back guarantee.

Although we NEVER disclose any of our clients, churches are open to share how good our training is with other churches because their are our clients and they can choose whether or not to let someone know they have a trained team in place.

Relationships are built through trust and we stand by our word that we will NEVER share your information for ANY reason. No, not even to make money. If we give you our word that we will never bother you for a referral, then if we ask you to do so, we have no integrity. Simply put, your information is safe with us!

We hope that you will still consider us for your training needs!

Brian K. LaMaster CEO, Innovative Tactical Concepts Romans 13:4
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