Your Church Could Be Next

Before the church shooting in Sutherland Falls, TX, many churches thought that “It couldn’t happen to them”. And, after the shooting many churches finally got their heads out of the sand and sought out training. Sadly, the majority of churches did nothing other than say, “It must have been God’s will”, or something ignorant like that. Not only is it important that you get trained, but that you get the right training. You see, not all training is equal. Most trainers do not truly prepare you on how to properly protect your church. Right now, you might be asking, “Why is that”? Simply because many of the trainers have a law enforcement background and their training is based upon being a reactionary force, not necessarily a preventative force.

Our training program is not tainted by that mindset. The training we provide was designed from the ground up specifically for church security teams. No other training program will prepare your team as well as ours.

Here is the bottom line. Your church could be next. Are you truly prepared to handle what comes your way? You do not have to wonder if you are or not if you are trained by us. Do not trust the lives of those in your congregation to just anyone offering church security training. Get trained by the best in the industry and have a peace of mind about what you can do.