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2020 Church Security Conference

Do you want to set up a security team at your church? Do you have a church security team in place but need basic to advanced training? Is our on-site Team Training beyond your budget? equipment

The Watchman Church Security Seminar is a cost-effective “train-the-trainer” solution. This complete, 2-day seminar offers in-depth training for security team leaders so that they can then return to their church and train their own team members in proper security tactics and procedures. Click here for the 2020 schedule and to enroll.

When training a team, one of the most important things is how the “fight” is approached. Let’s be honest, you are in a fight whether or not you know it. Someone may be planning an attack this very moment and you are totally unaware of their future plans. Most trainers approach the fight from a law enforcement or military background which is not the most effective way of doing things. Many of the tactics and mindset of people with either of those backgrounds are limited to their training. What you need to do is to approach the fight from a civilian perspective with some law enforcement and military “tactics” integrated with your plan. Protecting people at a service or event is much more difficult than you can ever imagine. People who only have Law enforcement or military experience don’t necessarily know how to effectively accomplish that ongoing mission.

Regardless of the experience, you have on your team and the training you have received, we are confident that you will not be disappointed with this training venue! The training that we offer is truly unique because we approach the “fight” from a civilian viewpoint. So, if your team is looking to improve their skills and increase the effectiveness of their ministry, then our training is exactly what you need. We don’t teach things that you can learn at just about any training company with law enforcement or military backgrounds. Rather, we teach you to think outside the box and utilize many resources that are at your disposal that you may not know about. Our techniques and tactics are not fancy but will get the job done because they are simple, realistic, and practical. Our training is unparalleled and we stand behind our training 100%! Click here to learn more about our Mission Statement and what we are about.

Our training system is the only system that is layered. Why is it layered? Simply because you cannot learn everything that you need to know in a day or two. To be honest, you cannot learn what you need to know in a week. We have spent over a decade putting together this system based upon our experience of running a team and training hundreds of churches across the nation. Anyone who claims that you can attend a seminar or conference and your team will be ready for combat or to implement an effective plan is either incompetent or lying to you. Our training consists of three layers. The first is hands-on practical exercises over the course of two days. The next layer is done via our DVD series called The Watchman. This will answer many of the questions you may have after the conference. Not to mention, participants will receive an 80+ page digital manual. And, the third layer of training is done via our interactive online training program which consists of over 200 hrs of videos on various topics as well as a discussion forum with a number of topics.

If you have not figured it out by now, you have a lot of work ahead of you regardless of your team’s status. For those of you who are assembling a team or have a team up and running… you will learn a lot from this training venue because there is so much more to know than what most people think. Truth is that if you are going to run a team properly, there are hundreds of hours of preparation and training ahead of you. This conference just scrapes the surface of what you need to know. Again, no other trainer will prepare you for success as well as The Watchman church security program. No other trainer offers a layered training program because odds are they do not fully understand what all is involved in properly training and running a team.

Other training resources offer their virtual training for close to $500. That’s not including ANY hands-on practical skills training. We are offering you two-days of hands-on training, combined with two more layers of training consisting of over 200 hours of training for a mere $600.00.

You may send up to 2 people from your church for a flat $600. This includes:
  • 2 full days of church security training (10 hours each day) a value of $3,500
  • FREE 1-year membership in our Interactive Online Training Program a value of $180
  • FREE copy of The Watchman, our 8-hour church security video a value of $599
  • This represents over $4,000 worth of training for $600.

    realistic and practical church security training

    What You Will Learn

    Over the two days, the seminar will cover more than 30 key concepts to help you secure your church and protect your flock, including:
  • Team Purpose
  • Team Selection
  • Team Member Interview Process
  • Selecting Team Leaders & Associate Team Leaders
  • Team Mindset
  • Developing Threat Awareness
  • Team Member Levels
  • Team Visibility
  • Intel Sources
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Team Scheduling & Arrival
  • Team Daily Checklist
  • Team Equipment
  • Light Selection
  • Light Intimidation
  • Radio Selection
  • Weapon Selection
  • Holsters
  • Weapon Limitations
  • Ammo Selection
  • Handgun Setup
  • Modes of Carry
  • AR Setup
  • Shotgun Setup
  • Child Protection
  • 4 Levels of Skills
  • Live Fire Skills (basic)
  • Gun Safety Rules
  • Barricaded Subject vs. Active Shooter
  • Radio Codes and Procedures
  • Bomb Threats
  • Evacuation Plans
  • Lockdown
  • Integration of EMT Services
  • Calibers and Shot Placement
  • Rituals of Attack
  • Elements of a Confrontation
  • Use of Force
  • Non Lethal Force
  • Cover vs. Concealment
  • Target Indicators
  • The Fatal Funnel
  • Trouble Spots & Mirror Placement
  • Tactical Furniture Arrangement
  • Ready Positions
  • Hand Switch Drill
  • Team Positioning
  • Verbal Tactics
  • Hand Signals
  • Slicing the Pie & Portable Mirror Techniques
  • Room Entry – Single & Team
  • Hallway Tactics
  • Stairwell Tactics
  • Sanctuary Tactics
  • Foyer Tactics
  • Contact with Bad Guy
  • Shotgun Patterning
  • Takedowns
  • Choke Techniques
  • Gun Disarms
  • Gun Retention

  • In the event one or more of the topics listed is not covered in the actual class, it is covered in the complimentary copy of The Watchman DVD series.

    2 Days / $600 for up to 2 attendees per church

    Click here for the 2020 schedule and to enroll.

    If you cannot afford either the on-site training or the church security conference… then you might be interested in FREE training.

    Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more about this ministry.