About Us

The Watchman is a website that is dedicated to educating new and existing church security / safety teams. Very few websites are dedicated to church security.


To prepare Watchman who are willing to put themselves in harm’s way through realistic and practical training solutions. Deter, de-escalate, and resolve any issues that may arise within the church building or any event at your facility. Even if we can save just one life through educating the sheepdogs, we have accomplished our mission. Ezekiel 33:5-6, Genesis 2:15, Nehemiah 4:14


In order to understand what a Watchman is, you must first understand the three types of people. The first type of person is sheep. They are typically oblivious to any type of danger. To be honest, they do not see the need for self-defense. Sheep, also known as sheeple, live in a fantasy world where they truly believe that nothing bad will ever happen to them. Sheep may see the bad going on in the world around them, but since they’ve not experienced anything bad, they continue to lie to themselves about the need for defending themselves because of their misguided beliefs such as “God will protect me”.

Second, are wolves. They are predators who prey on sheep. Wolves pick their prey based upon opportunity and signs of weakness.

The third type of people are sheepdogs or what we call Watchman according to Ezekiel 33:3-6. Watchmen are those who choose to protect others if necessary placing their own lives in harm’s way. Sheepdogs protect those who choose to not protect themselves, nor desire to have protection from others.

Church Security Training Unlike Any Other

Innovative Tactical Concepts is dedicated to training churches in the area of church security / safety teams. Unlike most other training, all of our courses are designed from the ground up with the focus on the security / safety team ministry. A lot of training being offered by professional trainers is based upon active shooter situations which is the new buzz term. Honestly, it is highly unlikely that you will face an active shooter. Rather, you are more likely to be taxed with domestic issues and this is where most of your training time should be focused.

The Watchman church security program is the standard by which all other programs are judged. We have trained hundreds of churches across the United States and our program has become the “national standard”. Our expertise in unarmed combatives gives us an edge over most other trainers because the majority of experts teaching church security only have a firearms background. While we believe in having an armed team, we believe that your unarmed skills should be stronger than your firearms skills because you are more likely to use empty hand techniques before drawing a firearm. Next to awareness, your verbal skills need to be sharp! Odds are that you are going to use your verbal skills more than any other skill. Saying the wrong thing in a situation can escalate a situation and potentially turn it into a deadly force encounter. It is not what you say, but HOW you say it!

Our solutions are not only effective, but simple to learn, replicate, and recall in stressful situations. We believe in keeping things simple.

Be not deceived, you WILL react in a situation how you have trained to handle the conflict. Under stress, your fore-brain begins to shut down and your mid-brain takes over. And whatever your mid-brain is programmed for is how you will respond. So, repetition is the mother of all skills. If you do not train at least 4 hours per month, then more than likely your team is a liability and not an asset.

Innovative Tactical Concepts offers basic and advanced training for security / safety teams. In addition, we will evaluate your current team and see where they need improvement. Just like your walk with Christ, no team is without the need for improvement.

Not only do we teach teams, we have experience at running them too. Innovative Tactical Concepts CEO Brian K. LaMaster has led a team for over a decade knows firsthand the challenges that teams presents.

If you are looking for basic or advanced training, look no further! Be sure to check out our training courses.