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Church Security Training DVD

Here is something to ponder… A suspicious man walks into your church, pulls out a gun, and opens fire. You can’t believe this is happening. What will you do? How could you have prevented this tragedy? In The Watchman Church Security Training Video Series, internationally recognized security and self-defense instructor Brian K. LaMaster gives you the tools and tactics to establish a safety team and provide physical protection for your flock. No other church security training video will prepare your team as well as The Watchman. It is the first security training video of its kind that was created from the ground up with church security in mind. We have sold over 500 copies of this video. Some trainers have used our video series as their basis for training. This comprehensive 3-volume set (6 DVDs total) will introduce, explain, and demonstrate more than 80 key security concepts proven in churches across America, including:
  • Site Vulnerability
  • Access ControlCST-DVD-cover-site-copy
  • Team Selection
  • Threat Awareness
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Equipment & Weapon Selection
  • Child Protection
  • Gun Safety Rules
  • Bomb Threats
  • Lockdown & Evacuation Plans
  • Elements of a Confrontation
  • Tactical Furniture Arrangement
  • Protecting the Offering
  • Closed Circuit TV Placement
  • Church Drills
  • Legal Information
  • And much more
You don’t have to turn your church into a fortress. These strategies and tactics are almost invisible to the untrained eye. Your church will remain the friendly, welcoming place it’s always been. However, you can rest easy knowing that if the unthinkable happens, you have a proven system in place to stop the threat quickly and protect your flock.

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Low Cost Training Solution

On-site church security team training can cost up to $3,500. But now you can learn nearly everything we teach in this massive 3-volume set. Total estimated run time is 8.5 hours. All for just  $299.95 + s/h. You will NOT find a better deal or video to train your team! Suggested retail price is $599.95. That is 50% off the suggested retail price.

If you purchase The Watchman DVD and you want on-site training or attend one of our conferences, you will only pay the difference. In addtion, you will receive a free years access to our interactive online training with the latest updates of tactics, equipment, etc. However, you must contact us to access the online training after you purchase the DVD series.

So, what are you waiting for? Order your copy NOW!

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