church safety team assessment

Just exactly where does your team stand?

The most important thing to know is whether or not your security team is an asset or a liability. Truthfully, most people never stop to think about this, and many church security teams are actually a liability rather than the asset they believe they are. One way to know whether or not your security team is truly an asset or a liability, is by having someone who is not directly involved with the team provide your team with an unbiased evaluation.


Many churches have a security team up and running and have needs that they are unaware of. This is primarily due to the fact that they were not professionally trained. Even then, many people who offer church security training are not fully qualified to do so because they have no experience in this field. A large number of security teams were started by members who were/are law enforcement or military. Truth is, while these people have some good ideas and experience, they often overlook the basic things a church security team should be doing because their expertise is not in church security. By missing just one critical component of what your security team should be doing, this fact alone could qualify your team as a liability. Only trust those who have years of experience in this field to properly train your team members.

Let the professionals evaluate your church security team


One of the services we offer is to come to your facility for three days and evaluate your church safety team’s effectiveness. The evaluation process will entail a number of things such as team arrival times, daily duties, security team member positioning, procedures and policies, to name a few. Our staff will need access to certain information (which we will let you know) before we arrive, in order to properly evaluate your team. Of course, it is best if the security team is not aware that we are coming to properly evaluate your team’s performance. We prefer to conduct our observations on Sunday morning and evening and services. However, we will work with you the best we can.

Once we are done, we will meet with the Pastor and the security director to report our findings and recommendations for areas of improvement.

The cost of this service dependent upon the needs of your church. Our base cost for this service is $1,600 plus travel expenses. Do not think that your team is truly an asset until you can PROVE it is. Lives are on the line here and are dependent upon your team being effective at what they are there to do.

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