Church Security Team Risk Assessment

When developing a church safety team plan you need to conduct a risk assessment on your church. It is important to look at your church from aspects you may have never thought of before. This is a short list of things that you need to consider.


The purpose of the risk assessment is to prompt you to think about the potential threats you might not have thought about. When assessing the risks, you must also conduct a site vulnerability analysis.

1. Is your church outspoken on controversial issues such as abortion, gays and lesbians, etc.?

2. Are you located in an area that may have “religious” issues which these days is “Christian” issues?

3. Does your church offer counseling for troubled marriages and families?

4. Is the area you are located a high crime area?

5. Do you have functions where it is only women and children at your church?

6. How often do you host weddings, family reunions, and funerals?

7. Do you have large cash offerings?

8. Do you have families with child custody issues?