Unarmed Self-Defense

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Basic Jab

This video is not intended for “combat”. Rather, to get you to begin to understand the power of whole body movement and what someone can really do as far as striking goes. Very few people know how to deliver an effective strike.

Defense against a knife #1

In these videos we will demonstrate how to defend yourself against a knife attack. It is important to realize that when defending yourself against a knife, odds are you will get cut or stabbed. These videos are done at a slow speed for the safety of the attacker. Once you understand the power of the full body movement you will be able to beter defend yourself. By no means are we saying “To Use this technique”. It is only ONE way of defending yourself.

Knife vs unarmed with a distraction

CQC Part 1 B Knife vs Knife

CQC Part 1 C Gun vs Knife

CQC 2 Part A unarmed vs knife

CQC part 2 B gun vs knife


CQC part 3 Gun retention

Gun retention is very important because if you decide to deploy a firearm, you want to keep it from being used against you.

Gun Retention 2


Gun disarm #1

Gun disarms are very dangerous and should only be attempted if your life is in danger. The following videos are shot at a slow speed for the safety of the attacker. In real life you would be inflicting harm upon the threat in order to pull the techniques off. Not forgetting that you will catch the attacker off guard because they are not expecting you to attempt to disarm them.

Gun disarm #2