mindset is everything

Proper mindset of church security team members

There is so much to this ministry that people overlook, especially when it comes to mindset. We are going to touch on some things for you to consider when selecting team members, and even when evaluating each team member as to if they belong on the team or not. Now, we are going to pick on the men, because as males, we know men. Sadly, in this day and age, real men are hard to find. Too many men wonder why their lives and marriages are in shambles. Truth is, it is because they have become wimps. Not only that, but they really do not understand their role as a husband, father, or man.

Real men are responsible for their own protection, as well as providing protection for their spouse and family. Sure, you might meet opposition from your spouse. However, that does not relieve you of the responsibility of doing so by God. What God expects of you is far more important than what your wife expects or thinks of you. Contrary to popular belief, you do not answer to your wife as far as what God expects of you as a husband. She may not be crazy about having guns in the house, but that does not mean that you give into “her wishes”. More often than not, women who oppose guns in the house have bought into the lies they have heard, or what they see on television or the movies. Now, if you are married to a liberal, well, good luck! You can probably help your situation out by showing her proper gun safety, and even take her to the range. Now, before you jump out of your chair and offer this to your wife, start her out with a small caliber such as a .22. Once she is comfortable with that, then move up to a larger caliber. However, if you expect her to shoot a .40 cal or .45, you are probably out of your mind and will lose that battle. Regardless of what you think, bigger is not always better!

If you have men that are on the security team or want to be, but do not have provisions in place to protect their family, how then do you really expect them to be committed to protecting the church? If they do not see the need to protect their family, how good are they going to be at protecting the flock?

no excuses for not training every day Church security team members who do not attend training on a regular basis should not be allowed to be on your security team because they are a liability, and not an asset. No security team needs any more liabilities than they already have to contend with. Anyone who is a burden, needs to be let go.

Do not wait until training dates to train. Every single day, there are hundreds of opportunities to train and learn something new. You can slice the pie everywhere you go. Or, you can assess the situation where you are and what you would do if something were to happen. Another thing you can do is to practice your verbal confrontational skills in conversations without the other person knowing what you are doing. Where do you sit in a restaurant? Do you face the door, or sit with your back to the door? Where are the exits? How many people are carrying a gun or a knife that are around you? Where do you park your car? Do you park in a lot that is poorly illuminated? Or one that is well lit? When you talk to someone, is your back to a door or against a wall? Are you looking them in the eyes or are you looking around for a potential threat? While you are at home, do you have a gun within arm’s reach? What is your plan if someone breaks in while you are watching tv or cooking dinner? Is someone acting strange while you are walking down the street? If so, what do you do? Are you quick to get involved in a conversation with someone asking for directions? If so, are you looking around for a second person who might be ready to rob you, or steal your car? Are you on a cell phone? If so, is it 100% necessary and how aware of your surroundings are you?

Only those who are serious about self-preservation or being on a security team will look for, and seize these training opportunities. Sadly, most people are not aware of their surroundings and have the sheeple mindset. If you are not willing to change your mindset about training, then you have no business being on a church security team. If you improve your personal protection skills, you will improve your part on the security team. Too many people on church security teams only train when required. It is this very mindset that is the cancerous and has the potential for a security team to self-destruct. Sadly, a large portion of law enforcement officers only shoot when required by their department. If you are one of those people who wait until you are required to train, we will tell you that you should probably step down from the church security team because you have the wrong mindset.