security for church camp Having a good plan for your camp for dealing with a crisis such as an active shooter is paramount. Do not count on law enforcement to respond in order to mitigate the situation. You are legally liable to provide reasonable protection for those attending your camp’s activities. Therefore, you should get your staff professionally trained as quickly as possible.

It is important to understand that not all active shooter training is equal. Our training is specifically designed to provide you with optimal results when dealing an active shooter or other potentially life threatening situations. Innovative Tactical Concepts will come to your facility and train your staff according to your needs. We will conduct a site vulnerability analysis and develop a solid response plan for your staff. Some clients prefer to not have an armed response team, so we offer solutions that do not involve firearms training. Our experts advise against not having an armed team because it doesn’t make sense to face an armed threat with mere words or unarmed skills.

Here are some of the topics we cover in our training.
  • Unarmed defense
  • Knife defense
  • Verbal tactics
  • Use of force continuum
  • Dealing with an active shooter
  • Basic firearms training (pistol, rifle, shotgun)
  • Advanced firearms training (pistol, rifle, shotgun)

Typical training classes range from one to three days depending upon the level of training you would like. Please contact us for more information.