Church Security Team Planning

Having a proper plan is very important to your team’s mission success. We will help guide you through the basic steps for free, but to get more in-depth you will need to purchase our DVD series called “The Watchman” or join our interactive online training program. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Team Planning PDF

Developing Your Plan

1. Conduct a risk assessment on churches stance on topics, location, and structural characteristics. It is probably best if you have a professional security consultant specializing in church security conduct this assessment.

2. Create Documentation such as write job descriptions, team policies and procedures. However, you might not be able to effectively do all of this without proper training because odds are you don’t have a great overall picture of what this ministry entails. So, part of this step might actually develop after initial training. We do offer a low cost solution for planning and training called “The Watchman” DVD series.

3. Get approval from leadership

4. Select team members

5. Acquire necessary equipment (you may not have a full understanding of all of the equipment that you need unless you attend one of our classes, purchase The Watchman DVD series, or join our online training program.

6. Train team members

7. Meet with local law enforcement and fire departments

8. Provide necessary training with youth ministry.

9. Introduce ministry to church. Some people may be against this and that is fine. It may be best to let people figure it out on their own.

10. Begin operations