How To Become A Church Security Instructor

Interactive Online Church Security Training Program

As a church security team /safety team leader you may be looking for a low-cost training solution to get your team up and running. Or, maybe you have a team up and running but are looking for more information on what your team should be doing. The Watchman interactive online church security training program will fulfill just about every need your team has.

No other online church security training program has the quality of videos that we have. The primary purpose of these training videos is to share with you realistic and practical training exercises that will maximize the potential for your team being successful. Not just some lectures about what you should be doing. We are members of a couple of the other online church security training sites, but they don’t provide you with nearly as much realistic and practical training as we do.

Our experts will cover a variety of topics that are not only relative to church security, but personal defense as well. If you are looking for information that will give your team an edge over the potential threats, then you MUST join this training site! Our staff thinks outside the box, which will give you ideas that the bad guys will not see coming. Therefore, they will not be prepared to counter your efforts. And this is exactly what your team needs. Not just some “generic” training methods. There are things that can, and may very well get your team injured or killed that are being taught out there. And, we will address many of those very issues.

This site is only for those who want to better themselves personally, and for their team. We do not sugar coat things. Our job is to teach you life saving things, and we will never teach you anything that is not going to give you the best chance of survival. As instructors, we will challenge what you know, or think you know. We will show you things that you will not learn anywhere else! You see, our approach to self-defense is based upon unarmed combative skills, not just firearms. There are many flaws in teachings in the firearms community. Things that people do not know about because their training has been centered around the use of a gun and not surviving the situation by any means necessary. Thus, resulting in teachings that are founded on limited training and mindsets. We have put many of the teachings taught by firearms instructors to the test in real world scenarios, and have found many of these teachings to not work as “advertised”. In fact, in many of the situations, you are much worse off than you might think.

In order to win a fight, you cannot play fairly. And, with the way most people train, that is exactly what you will be doing. We will teach you how to turn the tables in your favor.

Lets just think about the foundation in which most defensive firearms is based upon. The bad guy has a gun or knife drawn. You cannot outdraw either of those because they are already out. But, someone, somewhere, with firearms training “says” that you can simply move right or left, forward or backwards, draw, shoot, and take them out of the fight, all before they can shoot you or cut you to death. How in the world does this sound like a good plan at all? Yet, people fall for this pipe dream every day by the tens of thousands. Well, we will show you many other things that will hopefully give you a better idea of what really happens in a real-world fight, and what you can and cannot pull off.

Unlimited access to:
  • Over 250 videos on church security, basic handgun safety and shooting, basic and advanced concealed carry, unarmed skills, defensive knife, and much more.
  • The discussion forum where you can interact with our instructors. The purpose of the discussion forum is to discuss the videos on the website, as well as talk about a variety of other topics. Creating videos takes much longer than writing articles and sharing photos. Therefore, we will role out new information via the discussion forum. Of course, we will make videos when necessary.
  • And… unlike any other online security training, if you have a question about a tactic or something that is best conveyed via video, simply record the video and upload it so we can take a look at it. Then, we will respond with either a video or in writing via discussion forum, email, etc. We have the first interactive online training program in the world designed for churches and individuals to learn how to defend themselves.
  • In addition, as a member, Innovative Tactical Concepts will review your security plan and provide feedback which will help your team improve their operations.

Again, this site is not for those who want to continue to feel warm and fuzzy. This website is for those who want the truth about things and what will help them win the fight. Are you willing to grow as a person and someone who has chosen to become a Watchman and protect those who choose to not protect themselves?

Do not make the mistake of trusting your lives to just anyone claiming to teach church security! Lives are precious and are worth much more than the monthly membership. You MUST go through a validation process of being on a team or are starting up a team. The information on this website is life-saving material and cannot become common knowledge. Lives are on the line and the things taught on here are meant only for those who are on church security teams.

Each membership is per person. You are allowed one person to access the site per monthly fee.

Membership is a mere $14.99 per month and will automatically renew every month unless you contact us and cancel it. That is less than 50 cents per day!!! Are you ready to free your mind from The Matrix?

NO OTHER church security training website will get your team prepared, AND improve their skills like this site! What are you waiting for?

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