Church Security Camera Installation Placement Services

When considering a CCTV surveillance system for your church, it is critical that you have them placed correctly to maximize their full potential. Most installers do not place the cameras correctly and therefore you are not getting the most out of them. And to be honest, that is money wasted. One reason for the errors in camera placement is that those installing the system do not fully understand the danger areas in what we are trying to cover and why. These mistakes can be so dangerous that they could literally cost people their lives and that is not to be taken lightly. Security cameras are a great asset, especially if you have a small team and need your cameras to be a force multiplier. But again, if they are improperly placed, they are not much good to you.

Approximately 65% of incidents happen in the parking lot. Therefore, you need coverage there because you need to see trouble coming so you can be proactive with your responses.

Of course, there are other areas in which you need to cover. Besides the parking lot, the children’s area is where most of the “offenses” are going to take place and by covering those areas properly, we will reduce the likelihood of bad things happening. Contrary to popular belief, tens of thousands of children are molested every year in churches and you want to keep that from happening in your church. A good security plan will start with protecting the children first, not last or even second!

We offer security camera placement services to help you to make sure that they do not get installed incorrectly. All that you need to do is to send us a detailed floorplan of your facility, and if we are uncertain about a particular area, we may request a video of that area of interest. Our services are a mere $150.00. In addition, we will need your churches physical address so that we can view satellite photos of your facility in order to help you to properly place the cameras outside. Of course, we may require additional information from you at any point so that we can provide the maximum coverage where it is most needed.

Don’t trust just anyone when it comes to providing proper coverage with your church security camera system! Contact us today in order to get the process going!