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Are you looking for Advanced Church Security Team Training?

Before you consider advanced training, how certain are you that your team has the basics of church security down? Are you willing to bet the lives of those you are “protecting” that you truly have the basics down? Honestly, about 95% of the so called “church security trainers” do not teach hands-on skills which means that the odds that your team is not ready for advanced training is extremely high. Rather, your team needs basic training. I know it is tough to hear, but we have been to countless clients to teach them advanced training and we are amazed at how little they really know regarding how to properly protect their facility.

At minimal, before you decide to spend any more money on training, we strongly recommend buying our DVD series called “The Watchman”. Once you have watched that and you are 100% confident that you now have the basics down like you should, then we will be glad to discuss advanced training. We do not want you to hire us for advanced training only to find out that you are not close to where you need to be and we have to adjust the training to focus on the basics. The good news is that we will deduct the cost of the DVD from your advanced training fees.

Role Playing

Depending on the size of your team, role playing typically takes up to 2-4 hours in a day. The scenarios that your team will face in this training venue are those your team are highly likely to encounter. To be honest, these scenarios are going to put your teams’ verbal skills to the test. Most people have no clue as to how unprepared they really are to deal with low risk and high risk situations. You see, the scenario could for all intents and purposes be low risk but something that your security / safety team does or says could very well escalate the encounter to a potentially life-threatening situation. Without the proper training, this very well could happen to your team. The good news is that we are able to help mitigate the risks through realistic training scenarios. Our role playing is so good that it is by far the most popular part of the training that we offer.


Another option for advanced training is Force On Force (FOF). This training is conducted with AirSoft guns that are exact replicas of real guns such as Glock 19’s, etc. Airsoft is a great way to train because you get the realism of being shot at, as well as inducing stress inoculation. In addition, participants will be drawing from concealment which is something that a lot of people never do, and this will show who does and does not practice. This alone can be a huge issue in your team’s true effectiveness when carrying a gun. And clean up with Airsoft pellets is relatively easy compared to paintballs or simunitions.

Force On Force training will also expose the good, the bad, and the ugly of your teams tactics for room clearing, negotiating fatal funnels, engaging active shooters, as well as responding to someone who draws a knife or gun at arm’s length. Sadly, the most common tactics taught by the “gun trainers” may very well get you seriously injured or killed. Our concealed carry tactics are truly unique and we have yet to find anyone else who teaches the way we do. Truth is, we are well-known for our church security training and our Integrated Concealed Carry training (formerly known as Advance Pistol Fighting).

We recommend guns that operate off green gas guns because they are the most realistic you can buy. While we strongly encourage live fire training, we believe that by investing in these training tools, that your level of accuracy, confidence in stressful situations, and tactics will improve so much that the benefits will far outweigh the cost. And ultimately, it will greatly decrease the odds of your team being a liability.

Rental packages are available. Includes guns, ammo, green gas, holsters.

Here is a retailer that has quality gas operated guns and we have never bought guns from them, but we have bought other products that we are pleased with.


Other things to consider are unarmed tactics, especially if your team is unarmed. Gun disarms, gun retention, room entries and active shooter situations are just some of the things we can cover in advanced training for your church security team. Advanced training will be tailored to what your needs are and we will help you determine what training will benefit your team the most.

A combination that will benefit your team the most in a “day’s” training is role-playing and force-on-force. These two topics alone will greatly increase the effectiveness of your security / safety team.

Contact us today so that we can assist you in getting the best advanced training available for church security teams!