advanced church safety team training room-entry

Are you looking for Advanced Church Security Team Training?

Innovative Tactical Concepts offers advanced church security training for churches that have a church security team up and running. Something to think about is that everything we teach is based upon the basics of implementing a team and their training. Contrary to popular belief this ministry is very in-depth. There is a lot that people overlook and there are things that teams which have been in place are not currently doing. That having been said, we feel that most church safety teams will benefit from our basic two-day on-site training course. For those of you who feel confident about having the basic foundation down, we offer advanced training based upon what you would like to learn. All you need to do is to contact us and let us know what you are currently doing and would like to learn, and we will customize a one or two day course for your team.

how to deal with verbal confrontations

Role Playing

An important topic we cover is verbal confrontations. To be frank, most teams do not have the necessary verbal confrontational skills in order to effectively deal with situations. More than likely you will find yourself attempting to diffuse some sort of verbal altercation. And without the knowledge and practice of being able to de-escalate verbal confrontations, your team members could potentially escalate a situation that with proper training could have peacefully resolved the situation. Verbal tactics comes second only to awareness as far as the skills your team needs to possess. A good portion of the advanced training will consist of verbal confrontations unless you feel that you have this mastered.

Other things to consider are unarmed tactics, especially if your team is unarmed. Gun disarms, gun retention, room entries and active shooter situations are just some of the things we can cover in advanced training for your church security team. Advanced training will be tailored to what your needs are and we will help you determine what training will benefit your team the most.

If you are interested in advanced training, please contact us, either via email or phone. We will be happy to give you more information on advanced training.