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Benefits of The Watchman Church Security Certification Program

church security training Innovative Tactical Concepts is the first (and only training company) to offer a church security certification course. Our program called “The Watchman”, is now offering an annual church security certification program for those who want the full benefits of our services. Much like law enforcement who qualifies annually with their firearms, your security team should keep their skills up to date and should attend continued education courses. This re-certification process will help you if, or when, any of your security team members come under scrutiny by the legal system, or even within your own church.

If your church security team does not train regularly, and most don’t, how will you respond in court, or, when the media comes to report an incident at your church? How will this look to the jury or to the rest of the world? Maybe it will be viewed as that you have a bunch of armed security personnel who are not trained, or, do not train at all? Why take the risk of not being properly trained and or maintaining your skill set?

The annual church security re-certification can be a review of what you learned through your initial security training with us, or it can be something new such as concealed carry, gun disarms, etc. Another advantage of the security re-certification program could be lower insurance premiums.

In essence, you are buying a level of legal protection by getting trained at least once a year. Another great benefit is that our experts will help defend your church (or team members) in court should you need us to. All that we ask is that you cover our expenses in doing so. Most people do not understand the dynamics of a life-threatening situation. The majority of people have been brainwashed by Hollywood in some manner, and will make their decision based upon a false reality. Truth be known, most people have their own preconceived idea of what a fight looks like and “what you should be able to do”. The more training you have works against you in a court of law when it should not. That is where our professional staff can help you, maybe even more than your attorney.

Church Safety Team Assessment


It is very important to understand that your church security team is either an asset or, a liability. If there is any doubt that they are an asset, then they ARE a liability. And, if they are a liability, then you should not have them protecting the flock, because in reality, they ARE the threat to your church. Not only does this apply at the team level, but at each individual team member level.


In order to qualify for the church security re-certification program, you must have trained with us in an on-site training course. If you have not trained with us, then you might want to check out our on-site training program. Church security conferences are designed for training-the-trainer, and we cannot vouch for the quality of training if it was not conducted by one of our certified instructors. For those of you who have ordered The Watchman church security DVD series, we will conduct on-site training for you and deduct the purchase price of the DVD from the cost of the certification course.

As you may know, security team members will come and go. In order for your team to be certified, all of your church security team members must have been through our course, or a conference held by one of our certified instructors. We cannot vouch for anyone that has not been through our training course. Our recommendation is that when a new team member is added to the team, if possible, that they take a position that is less likely to become involved in a situation until they get properly trained. For example, if you have someone monitoring your video surveillance system, they might be an ideal person for that position until they get trained.

Another solution is that your security team leader(s) become certified instructors and then they can train people as needed. Be sure to contact us for more information regarding how to become a certified instructor.

For those who have trained with us and it has been over one year, we will work with you on what you need to do. Simply contact us and we will get you headed in the right direction.


Our annual church security re-certification program is $3,500 plus travel expenses, if applicable. We offer a payment plan for those who are interested in making payments prior to your re-certification. After all, it is our goal to help your security team be successful at protecting those at your church. While this might seem like a lot of money, consider this. How much is it going to cost you if you had to hire a lawyer to defend your team’s actions? It will probably be much more than the cost of the recertification. Not to mention what it could cost your church if you lost a lawsuit.

For live fire courses, the cost of the re-certification may rise due to the range rental fees, as well as other fees associated with that training venue.


If you have a church security team, you cannot afford to be have them as a liability. And if your team doesn’t train, then they are a liability. This program is for your protection. What are you waiting for? Contact us to get the process going on getting your team certified!