Provides protection to all people attending church services and special events.


A sheepdog stands watch during services and special events to ensure the safest possible environment. As a security specialist, your first priority is to protect others by being aware. Your second priority is to assist in any emergencies such as medical, fire, gas leak, power outage, missing child, or natural disaster.


  • Protect those who choose not to protect themselves.
  • Maintain professionalism at all times.
  • Make your presence known by wearing proper security attire.
  • Be aware of yours surrounding at all times
  • Deter, deescalate, and resolve any issues that may arise.
  • Arrive one hour before anyone arrives at church and stay until the last person leaves.
  • Meet with all team members and share any intel, concerns, and pray before serving.
  • Execute an equipment check before going on duty.
  • Conduct a sweep of the entire church, inside and outside, looking for anything suspicious.
  • Lock any doors that do not need to be unlocked.
  • Get lockdown codes in place.
  • Maintain assigned post
  • Maintain skillsets through continued training.
  • Report any suspicious activity to team leaders
  • Document all incidents, large or small
  • Attend all services and special events when scheduled.
  • Perform all duties assigned by team leaders


    Must possess a sheepdog’s heart and mindset of protecting others. Have the willingness to sacrifice “attending” services and events as a participant. To be able put the well-being of others before yourself, or your families lives while at the church. The ability to demonstrate proper gun safety. Possess the dedication to commit to a minimum of two days of professional training, and to train at least once a month with the team. Also, to commit to one year of service. In addition, one must be willing to sacrifice personal finances to purchase equipment, ammo, etc.