On this page we will discuss many things regarding concealed carry. Things that we feel are critical to your survival. Of course, you are not going to agree with everything, and that is fine. However, before you judge us, please visit this page to better understand where we are coming from.

Glocks and Why I choose Them

Selecting a handgun

Semi Autos

In this day and age, an autoloader is the preferred gun for Church Security Teams to carry.

Autoloaders part 2

Revolvers part 1

Revolvers part 2

Drawing and holstering


Handgun mods

Concealed Carry Setup

In this video we will discuss some considerations when considering what to carry and where to carry it.

Carrying different guns

Using your front sight part 1

Using front sight part 2

Holographic sights part 1

Holographic sights part 2

Speed Rock