Exposing the Fundamental Flaws In Defensive Handgun Training

Welcome to The Watchman church security podcast and this is episode #6. In today’s broadcast we are going to be talking about the fundamental flaws in typical defensive handgun training. Most people do not actually know how and why the training is flawed. Thus, potentially placing themselves in grave danger by training in these methods.

Too many people place too much faith in gun training, when the reality of it is, that it is seriously flawed. In fact, defensive handgun training is at best good for less than 10% of situations that you are likely to face. If you want to know why you should avoid this type of training, then this episode is for you. However, if you want to continue to feel warm and fuzzy about what you know or think you know, then it is probably best if you skip this particular broadcast.

As many of you know, I am not one to hold back when it comes to the truth. And, the truth is the only thing that I really care about and it is my duty to expose things for what they are.