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Church Safety Team Planning

26 Oct 2015

Church Security Team Planning

Having a proper plan is very important to your team’s mission success. We will help guide you through the basic steps for free, but to get more in-depth you will need to purchase our DVD series called “The Watchman” or join our interactive online training program. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Team Planning PDF

Developing Your Plan

1. Conduct a risk assessment on churches stance on topics, location, and structural characteristics. It is probably best if you have a professional security consultant specializing in church security conduct this assessment.

2. Create Documentation such as write job descriptions, team policies and procedures. However, you might not be able to effectively do all of this without proper training because odds are you don’t have a great overall picture of what this ministry entails. So, part of this step might actually develop after initial training. We do offer a low cost solution for planning and training called “The Watchman” DVD series.

3. Get approval from leadership

4. Select team members

5. Acquire necessary equipment (you may not have a full understanding of all of the equipment that you need unless you attend one of our classes, purchase The Watchman DVD series, or join our online training program.

6. Train team members

7. Meet with local law enforcement and fire departments

8. Provide necessary training with youth ministry.

9. Introduce ministry to church. Some people may be against this and that is fine. It may be best to let people figure it out on their own.

10. Begin operations

Church Safety Team Policies and Procedures

26 Oct 2015

Church Security Policies and Procedures

We do not have any literature on actual policies and procedures for church security teams because each church is different. However, what we have done is assemble some topics that you should develop procedures for. Keep in mind that people really do not understand just extensive the ministry is. Truth is, you should probably purchase our DVD series titled “The Watchman” to give you a good foundation of things that you probably never thought to ask before writing policies and procedures. Another inexpensive solution is to join our interactive online training program which will be a great resource in your efforts to develop an extensive team manual. Policies and procedures PDF

Dealing with situations.

  • How are you going to dealing with someone who is being rude?
  • Dealing with someone who won’t leave?
  • Just wants to talk to someone maybe their significant other or child when you know there are problems in the family.
  • How are you going to deal with someone who is becoming physical but not to the point of hurting someone?
  • Dealing with someone who pulls a knife & is threatening someone?
  • Dealing with someone who has a gun & is making threats?
  • Someone who is trying to get their kids out of the youth area when they don’t have permission to do so. For example, the ex-wife has custody & the father wants to get them but it’s not his time. Who is going to communicate this issue to the CST?
  • Someone who is actively shooting in the sanctuary or out in the parking lot, etc.
  • Dealing with medical emergencies
  • Fire evacuation
  • Tornados
  • Earthquakes
  • Hurricanes
  • Bomb threats
  • Contacting the water department if a water main breaks
  • Contacting the gas company if there is a gas leak.
  • Contacting the electric company in the event of a power outage
  • What are you going to do if the power goes out during the service. Who is going to take charge of the people in the service & other areas.
  • DO NOT take the water not working, gas leak, or power outage for granted! This could be part of the plan that someone has though long and hard about. What are you going to do with any or all of these things?
  • What the team is going to do if a team member leaves.
  • What the team is going to do if a team member breaks policies.
  • Church disruptions by gay activists, etc.
  • Protesters outside of your church on your parking lot
  • Protesters standing across the street
  • Who is going to be the PR person if the media becomes involved? Need to talk with pastor & elders about this ahead of time.
  • Documentation of medical emergencies, people of interest, incidents, etc.
  • Any time you have a publicized event such as a revival, area church gathering, etc., your team MUST be there! More people expected the bigger numbers the team needs to have there!!!
  • Church safety team member call offs
  • Church safety team member no shows
  • Allowed number of absences when scheduled to be on duty.
  • Trades (is it frequent? Is so why? Is someone not committed or do they have a good reason for not being there? This is a JOB!!!)
  • If you need to trade then you are responsible if the person doesn’t show. Follow up with someone the day before they are supposed to fill in for you!!!
  • Scheduling CST. What is the min. or max number of shifts someone can work?
  • Numbers MUST be maintained. This is a sacrifice of personal time & even family time. Very few people are sheepdogs. You CHOSE to be one!
  • Just like with SWAT, the ideal minimum ratio is 2 TM’s to 1 suspect.
  • Reprimanding those who are not performing or not attending the required number of services per month.

  • These are just some of the policies and procedures you need to think about.

    Interview questions

    26 Oct 2015

    Interview Questions for Selecting Church Security Team Members

    The interview process is very critical to your teams mission success. Innovative Tactical Concepts has created some interview questions that we feel are necessary for church safety teams. The purpose of these questions is to break the ice and to put everyone on a level playing field as far as what they are asked. It doesn’t matter whether or not you know the people you are interviewing, if they cannot answer the questions to your satisfaction, then they should NOT be allowed on your team. You can add or subtract any of these questions but there are some really important ones that you should not exclude. You should not take more than 20-30 minutes per interviewee.

    Interview questions PDF


    1. How long have you been attending this church?

    2. What are some of your strong points?

    3. What are some of your weak points?

  • Are you a talker? You want to avoid those who are social butterflies and can’t help but to talk to everyone. You can’t do your job and talk.

  • 4. If there are any questions or comments about the information on the Security Team Selection Form address them here.
  • What kind of training have you had? (if you have not filled out the security team forms)

  • 5. Do you have a lot of friends? If so, how close to them are you? Do you tell everything to your friends or spouse?
  • Do you have a problem keeping things secret? When you give your word that you will keep things quiet, that is a pretty serious promise. Lives could count on you not telling anyone about the team and what goes on, who are members of the team, this includes not telling your spouse or closest friend other than your spouse.

  • 6. Would you consider yourself a team player or some who prefers to accomplish things on their own?

    7. Are you a leader or a follower?

    8. How well do you handle criticism?

    9. Have you ever had a time that you felt you were intimidated by someone being aggressive? If yes, tell us about the situation and how you handled the situation?

    10. What do you feel the scope of the security team is?

    11. How do you feel about putting yourself in harm’s way in order to protect others? For example, when gunshots are fired, do you know for certain that you will be going towards those shots or away from those shots?

    12.How do you feel about taking the life of another human being?

    13. Do you think that you are called by God to be a member of the security detail? If so, please explain. If not, are you willing to serve God by being on the team? God will use someone who is willing to do His work.

    14. Are you willing to make a commitment to your team to train with them on a regular basis and do what is expected of ALL team members? This may require sacrifice of personal time and family time.

    15. Are you willing to commit to at least one year? The reason you want to do this is because people may quit and you have a lot of time and money invested in them and you don’t want people just falling off. Only you can make the call if they don’t want to commit to a year as to whether or not they will be on the team. If you don’t have many people to choose from, then you might not have a choice. After all, they may stay a year or longer.

    16. Are you involved in any other ministries that may conflict with this ministry?

    17.Do you own a handgun? Do you have a license to carry concealed or open?

    18. Are you opposed to a background check and providing us with the necessary information to conduct a check? Explain we are looking for sexual predators, etc.

    19. Are you in the Easter drama or Christmas program?