The Watchman Church Security Podcasts

Welcome to The Watchman church security podcast. For several years now, I have been threatening to start a podcast dedicated to the sheepdog ministry. The purpose of these podcasts is to provide you with information that you can use when considering assembling a team or if you have a team up and running. There is nothing “cut and dry” about having a security team. It is not nearly as simple as some people make it out to be. In my years of running a team which is well over a decade, I have learned so much of what to do and what not to do and I feel that it is important to pass this information on to you in order to hopefully help you not make the same mistakes as we have, and many other churches across the nation.

Now, I will warn you that these podcasts are not for those with weak mindsets. Rather, for those who are serious about protecting the flock. Your beliefs and ideas will be challenged in these podcasts. If you are not open to new ideas, or you covet particular teachings that make you feel warm and fuzzy… then you probably should not listen to this podcast.

I am not one to pull punches and I say what needs to be said and I honestly do not care what you think. Now, many people take my personality as being arrogant. Well, I am a type-A personality so I can see how some people may be easily offended. I am like the hellfire and brimstone preacher. It is my duty, to tell the truth, regardless of your feelings. Church security is a topic that I take very seriously and you should too if this is what you are called to do. So, when I say things, it is because it is my passion and there are things that must make me say “What in the world…”?

My company is known for reality-based training, and I make no apology about that. It is my goal to bring you information that you can use for personal protection, or for church security purposes. We will cover a wide variety of topics. In addition, we will cover recent church shootings, etc. by reviewing them and helping you to understand what was done right and wrong. Again, I am not here to make friends but to help save lives and I will not hold back in doing so. You are free to agree or to disagree, it makes no difference to me.

Now, if you have any particular topics that you would like for me to cover, please email me and let me know. However, there are some topics that I will not discuss that could potentially compromise a church security team’s mission success.

Episode #1 – The Texas Church Shooting

Episode #2 – Free CCW Classes for Churches

Episode #3 – Discouraging people from wanting to be on a security team

Episode # 4 – Team leader selection

Episode #5 – Handgun calibers and selection

Episode #6 – Exposing the Flaws In Defensive Handgun Training

Episode #7 – Protecting The Children First

Episode #8 – The Four Skill Levels