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Do You Really Need A Church Security Team?

Hands-on training for church security teams A suspicious man walks into your church on Sunday morning. You have a bad feeling about him, but you don’t want to be judgmental or rude. So you go about your business. Moments later, he pulls out a gun and opens fire in the sanctuary. You watch helplessly as he savagely kills innocent men, women, and children. What will you do? How will you live with yourself knowing you might have stopped him but didn’t. And when the media arrives, what will you say?

Sadly, most churches don’t plan for this type of horrific event until someone gets injured or killed. Many are not aware, but the church is liable for the well-being of those who are on church property this is called due diligence or due care. Because church-related violence is on the increase, many churches are now answering God’s burden to establish a church safety team to provide physical protection to the flock.

The Watchman church security program is the standard by which all other programs are judged. We have trained hundreds of churches across the United States and our program has become the “national standard”. One thing that separates us from other trainers is that we approach church security training from a “civilian” perspective and not from a law enforcement or military perspective. Most people who train people have a law enforcement or military background which is fine if you are training people in those theatres. However, in order to effectively protect a congregation and those attending your church, one must execute an approach from a civilian viewpoint. Sure, law enforcement and military tactics have their place. But, to be honest very little of that training applies to church security training.

Unlike most other church safety team training which consists of a lot of lecturing… Our training consists of mostly hands-on training. What that means for you is that you are going to get to practice what we teach rather than just sit and listen and then have to figure out what you are doing wrong once we leave. Anyone can read a book or watch a video. But, nothing can substitute a hands-on training experience.

We don’t teach things that you can learn at just about any training company with law enforcement or military backgrounds. Rather, we teach you to think outside the box and utilize many resources that are at your disposal that you may not know about. Our techniques and tactics are not fancy, but will get the job done because they are simple, realistic, and practical. Our training is unparalleled and we stand behind our training 100%! Click here to learn more about our Mission Statement and what we are about.

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Here’s how we can help you protect your flock

We will identify the vulnerabilities of your church, establish a simple but effective safety plan, and train your team in the basics of proper mindset, situational awareness, and security tactics.

Our on-site training is two days of intense hands-on training. Topics include:
  • Team Purpose
  • Team Mindset
  • Team Member Selection
  • Team Member Levels
  • Team Visibility
  • Scheduling & Arrival
  • Team Positioning
  • Layers of Protection
  • Children’s Security
  • Team Equipment
  • Weapons Selection & Setup
  • Calibers
  • Modes of Carry
  • Zones
  • Radio Setup & Protocol
  • 4 Skill Levels
  • Use of Force
  • Cover vs. Concealment
  • Target Indicators
  • Understand the Fatal Funnel
  • Ready Positions
  • Slicing The Pie
  • Understanding the Two Types of Trouble Spots
  • Dynamic Room Entry (Single & Team)
  • Hallway Tactics
  • Stairwell Tactics
  • Sanctuary Tactics
  • Protecting the Offering
  • Rituals of Attack
  • Role Playing – Verbal Tactics
  • Threat Contact & Control
  • Choke Escape Techniques
  • Gun Disarms
  • Gun Retention

  • Of course, we can custom tailor a program to meet your security team’s needs.

    Included: a complimentary copy of our church security video The Watchman, covering over 70 core concepts, plus team member access to our interactive virtual online training program.

    Course cost: $3,500 plus travel expenses. The cost of the on-site training may seem like a lot, but what if you had to bring an entire team of say eight or ten people to us. More than likely you would spend at least two hundred dollars per person just for getting them here and you haven’t even touched the price of the course. We honestly feel that our prices are more than fair. If your church absolutely cannot afford the fees, contact us and we will do what we can to help make it happen for you.

    Never forget the old saying, “You get what you pay for”. We might not be the cheapest, but we are the best at what we do! And, not everyone who teaches church security is qualified to do so. How can someone teach you something that they have not done themselves? That is, if they’ve never been on a church security team or in charge of one. Our experts have years of teaching and being on, and/or running a team. You are in the best hands you can be when you train with us! In fact, we guarantee it with our money back guarantee.

    If you are serious about your team being effective, then you might want to check out our church security certification program.

    We have solutions that will meet everyone’s budget! Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our training.

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    Many people who are starting up a team struggle with getting trained, as well as acquiring the equipment that we recommend. What we are going to do is to offer you options to choose from to get your team up and running with as little effort on your part as possible. If you want these to be available for your training session, then we need a minimum of 30 days’ notice prior to your training date. We will invoice you for the training session fee, along with the total amount of equipment you order.

    Here is a list of the basic equipment that we recommend your team has before or when we come to train. The following items are priced per item.
  • A good handheld flashlight. We recommend the O’Light M22 Warrior with strobing feature. Price with shipping $125.00
  • Holsters Starting at $54.99.We recommend Modern Warrior Concealment because they are a Christian company and we have a great relationship with them. Our staff is equipped with their products!
  • Extra magazine pouch to hold 2 mags per person $49.95
  • Radios. We recommend and use the BaoFeng UV-5R as they are inexpensive and are very durable. By far the best value for the money. $35.00 each
  • Earpieces – $70. The Baofeng radios come with earpieces, but these are much better!
  • Programming (free)
  • Radio carrier – $17.00 (We get $8.00 off due to our relationship with Modern Warrior Concealment)

  • We do not make money off most of the things that we recommend that your team needs to get started. Unfortunately, we do not sell firearms, so you will need to procure those before we come. If you want a kydex holster or accessories, you will need to give us about 6 weeks lead-time to the training date. The reason for this is that you might have a gun or magazine they don’t have in stock, and it could take this long to get it in and made.

    Misc Information

    If you have all of the above mastered, then you might want to consider our advanced training for security teams. However, we have found that the majority of teams do not fully understand or practice the information just mentioned.

    If you are still unsure that this is a needed ministry in your church, be sure to click here to read real world incidents which COULD be your church!

    Be sure to check out our 100% money back guarantee on all of our training and videos!!!

    Contact us today about getting the process rolling to get your team trained!
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